On Our Own

IMG_5696 It’s about to get real… We lost our first pair of extra hands on Sunday, when Grandpa left and suddenly we were one person short for reading or going to the park or playing airplane with Nicky, or just holding the baby while everyone else was busy. Then mom left on Tuesday and now we have to figure out how to stay ahead of the laundry, keep the kitchen clean and the rugs vacuumed, keep groceries in the fridge, cookies in the freezer and vegetables on the table, all while holding the baby (she does not like to be put down), keeping Nicky from poking his sister in the face with a fork (already happened once…really need to focus on this one as a priority), making sure mommy gets her daily nap and putting Nicky back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night. I’m not sure how one person does all this, but I know somehow mom has managed all these things over the past 2 weeks so it must be possible. And because fate likes to throw curve balls, Nicky has a school holiday on Friday so I get to try to accomplish all this with both the kids tomorrow. Wish us luck!!

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