Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving.  Nicky has discovered a new game: “cooking”.  It involves putting things into the microwave, closing it, hitting a few buttons, opening it up and taking everything out, then starting all over.  When he first develeoped this game, he played diligently for over an hour while I baked our Thanksgiving pie occasionally saying “I working very hard”.  He couldn’t have been a better helper.

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Fire Truck Drawings

Nicky has been a prolific artist this past week. His favorite thing to draw is fire trucks. The amazing thing (at least to me) is that he seems to have a consistent method of drawing them, which is totally new. He announces what each bit is as he draws it and picture after picture, day after day, it’s always the same. The circle is the truck, the arc coming off the circle is the hose and the dots are the water. Very abstract, but it seems to make sense to him!

Birthday Party Part 3

We rounded out the birthday festivities with a birthday party this weekend with some of Nicky’s friends (album here). We ended up having ELEVEN littles, mostly about 2 years old, and their assorted parents. Even though the sun cooperated and came out, it was still cold and wet outside so nobody wanted to play in the backyard and we were all crammed inside our little house. It was TOTAL CHAOS. Nicky spent the first half of the party running around screaming for joy that he was having a party and then the second half running around screaming as he defended all his toys. He pigged out on multiple mini muffins, cake, jello and juice, all of which surely contributed to the overall chaos. Instead of making a cake I took the easy route and ordered a Thomas the Train cake from Safeway. Nicky loved it, especially the little train figurines that came on the cake, which he drove around on top of the cake destroying the frosting as we were serving it up. We also made a train jello cake to go along with the theme. Nicky sure was a happy boy celebrating with all his little friends. Baby Kate, on the other hand, was overwhelmed by all the activity and slept through the entire party in the front pack.

Alas, this is the end of the birthday bonanza. We’ll see how Nicky adjusts to life without cake, candles and presents in the coming days! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us this week and made our little boy feel so special and loved!


Birthday Party Part 2

On Nicky’s actual birthday we had not one, but two parties (he is two after all…). First, Nicky celebrated at school with all his classmates. He absolutely loved all the attention as they sang Happy Birthday to him (twice) and then ate cupcakes. Afterwards, we left school early to go play in the park with mommy and Kate. Then, on to our second party of the day at home with daddy. Nicky got to have another cupcake, more Happy Birthday singing, and presents! We only made it through half of his presents though because the second present he opened was his new train tracks, which he loved so much it was clear that no other present could match it, so we postponed the other presents until his birthday party this weekend or even Christmas. Pictures here.

IMG_5707 Cupcake number one at school

IMG_8055 Cupcake number two at home


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