Car Wash

Nicky loves to help wash cars. Maybe instead of a lemonade stand we should encourage him to start a car wash stand…

[flickr video=6276864759]

Notice the new big boy haircut we got this weekend too. I was too traumatized during the actual cut to snap any pictures…the hair dresser’s interpretation of “let’s keep it long but clean it up a bit” was entirely different than mine and I couldn’t believe she was cutting off all my baby’s hair and giving him a little boy hair cut. In the end, I think she ended up being right and he looks even more adorable now. Nicky earned a trip to the ice cream store for being such a big helper during his hair cut. He did a great job and sat perfectly quietly the whole time, not at all the behavior I had gotten when I tried to trim his hair at home…I guess he knew he was dealing with a professional and not some crazy lady (me) aiming extra sharp scissors at his head.

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