Blue Angels

We went up to the city this weekend to see the Blue Angels (pictures here). Not too surprisingly, it was foggy and windy out by the bay – so much so that the Blue Angels only made a couple passes, which we couldn’t even see through the fog, and then they called it quits. As we were coming in we did get to see one fighter jet doing some fun tricks but Nick seemed more scared than excited when it flew over our heads so it was all probably for the best that the Blue Angels never really got going. We did find a fun pond at the beach at Chrissy Field. It was perfect toddler size – only a few inches deep – and Nicky and all the other kids were drawn to it like magnets. Since we didn’t have any extra clothes for him we stripped him down to his diaper and shirt and he happily played there in the cold wind until his lips turned blue.

IMG_5593 IMG_5595 IMG_5613 IMG_5623

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