Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween (pictures here).  Nicky and Sam went trick or treating with some of the neighborhood kids while Kate and grandma and I stayed home and handed out candy.  Nicky did not want to wear his tiger top but he had a blast and came back hoarse from saying “trick or treat” and “happy halloween” so much.  He also discovered candy and figured out how to open them himself so he was wired by bedtime. 

IMG_7661 IMG_0546 IMG_7723 IMG_7770

Meeting Her Big Brother

Nicky was very excited to meet his little sister in the hospital.  Since coming home, Nicky has alternated between the loving brother, the overly wild brother trying to get some attention for himself, and the brother in denial totally ignoring his sister. He’s pretty good at being gentle with her and loves patting her head and kissing her when she cries. It’s a big change for a little boy but he’s handling this new addition pretty well.   

IMG_7600 IMG_7578 IMG_7629 IMG_7693

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Kate Has Arrived

Catherine Hartley Williams (Kate) was born at 12:23 AM on October 27th. She weighs 7 lbs 14oz, is 21 inches long and so far has been a very good sleeper and eater. We’re readjusting to life in 3 hour cycles and having so much fun getting to know the newest member of our family. Nicky is loving being a big brother and is already trying to teach Kate the parts of her face by poking at her nose and eyes.  More pictures here.


Car Wash

Nicky loves to help wash cars. Maybe instead of a lemonade stand we should encourage him to start a car wash stand…

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Notice the new big boy haircut we got this weekend too. I was too traumatized during the actual cut to snap any pictures…the hair dresser’s interpretation of “let’s keep it long but clean it up a bit” was entirely different than mine and I couldn’t believe she was cutting off all my baby’s hair and giving him a little boy hair cut. In the end, I think she ended up being right and he looks even more adorable now. Nicky earned a trip to the ice cream store for being such a big helper during his hair cut. He did a great job and sat perfectly quietly the whole time, not at all the behavior I had gotten when I tried to trim his hair at home…I guess he knew he was dealing with a professional and not some crazy lady (me) aiming extra sharp scissors at his head.

At The Park

2011-10-07_16-57-15_944 2011-10-07_17-10-07_651
My little Nicky Noodle at the park.  He has been climbing vertical ladders unassisted for a couple months now.  I was alone with him when I shot this so I couldn’t back up to get a better angle just in case he ran into trouble, but he just shoots right up the ladder and is so proud when he’s done. It’s a little frightening to watch! Then once he gets everything lined up right in the slide, he’s off!

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Demon Child

Just in time for Halloween Nicky has developed a demon voice. Not sure where this comes from, but it’s such a contrast to his angelic little face I think he must be possessed. Maybe he should be a little devil for Halloween instead of a tiger?

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Most of my nesting projects are finally done, so now baby can arrive!

IMG_7418New roof – huge improvement although practically invisible

IMG_5569 IMG_7416

Old fence (yikes!), new fence

IMG_7267Sound proofed walls in the nursery – not sure this was worth it but I guess every little bit helps in a tiny house like ours

IMG_7528IMG_7543New windows (that is, 1 of the 2 new windows is mostly done – the first is in but still needs new blinds and a bit more paint.  The other one was somehow lost in shipipng  – how do you lose a 10ft x 5.5 ft window?? – so it’ll arrive after the baby)

IMG_7542And in the nursery, new basket liners…my only direct but small contribution