Kellen’s Birthday

 We went to Lemos Farm last weekend to celebrate Kellen’s 3rd birthday (album here).  Nicky loved it.  Playing with Kellen and all the other little bittles, a bouncy house, goats, ponies, and a train…how could it get any better?

IMG_5462 IMG_5481

Nicky especially loved the goats.  He loved patting them and stomping around in their little shed and feeding them.  He even went so far as to share a sip of his juice box with one goat and then he stuck the goat-slobber-straw right into his own mouth before I could intervene…nice.  Of course, I am the mom who let him actually kiss the goat too.  He was very particular about how the goats needed to behave while being fed – he would share the nuggets of food pretty evenly between several goats, but if any goat tried to take a morsel that hadn’t been designated for him he got a sharp “no!” – that’s my boy, defender of goat justice. 

[flickr video=6091487469]

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