Big Brother

Nicky is getting ready to be a big brother.  He’s so good a taking care of the little baby doll we got him.  He likes to put her to sleep in her bassinet and prop her up at the table to eat when he’s eating.  She’s been fed all kinds of food, including milk poured all over her face. He brushes her teeth and gives her toys and pacifiers.  One of his favorites is to sit on the bed with her and read “The Little Engine That Could.”  This morning I watched him take his baby doll from the living room into the baby’s room and put her into the bassinet to go to sleep, all unprompted. He’s getting ready for the big transition from pampered baby to helpful big brother!




IMG_5542 Nicky chose today to create his first intentional mural artwork on the kitchen cabinets. He chose a PERMANENT PEN for his masterpiece. Argh!

Thank God for google, where I learned that permanent pen can be removed with baking soda and elbow grease without stripping the finish off wood.  I wonder…what would I do without the internet?

Kellen’s Birthday

 We went to Lemos Farm last weekend to celebrate Kellen’s 3rd birthday (album here).  Nicky loved it.  Playing with Kellen and all the other little bittles, a bouncy house, goats, ponies, and a train…how could it get any better?

IMG_5462 IMG_5481

Nicky especially loved the goats.  He loved patting them and stomping around in their little shed and feeding them.  He even went so far as to share a sip of his juice box with one goat and then he stuck the goat-slobber-straw right into his own mouth before I could intervene…nice.  Of course, I am the mom who let him actually kiss the goat too.  He was very particular about how the goats needed to behave while being fed – he would share the nuggets of food pretty evenly between several goats, but if any goat tried to take a morsel that hadn’t been designated for him he got a sharp “no!” – that’s my boy, defender of goat justice. 

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