Quick Update

I have been seriously delinquent on keeping up to date on my postings.  In addition to working full time, spending my mornings and evenings and weekends chasing after Nicky, and growing a fetus, I’ve also been busy prepping for the new baby which has included emptying the guest room of furniture and years of accumulated stuff, clearing out our one last storage closet, donating 100 pounds of books to the library (that’s right, we’re going digital…no more space for a bookshelf!), and – in my own version of nesting – managing 6 contractors in various house projects.  You might ask, does a newborn really new a new roof?  New double paned windows?  A new fence?  Insulation under the house?  Not sure why, but in my current state for some reason I think the answer to all these questions is yes.  So we’ve been a little busy.  I promise to make up for it once I’m on maternity leave (at least in those few precious weeks that I’ll be on leave before the baby comes when Nicky will still be going to daycare and the house projects will be all settled…after the baby comes all bets are off).  And hopefully this weekend I’ll upload the pictures from our fun trip to Oregon earlier this month to share. 

Here are a few quick updates in the meantime:

Nicky has been telling us many stories in alien language for a while now, but he told his first story in English last night.  The subject was the roofers that have been at our house and it went something like this, over and over all night and repeated a few times this morning:

Nicky:  Man up.  (pointing at the ceiling)
Me:  There was a man up on the roof?
Nicky: Yeah.
Me: And then what?
Nicky: Man bye-bye.
Me: And then the man went bye-bye?
Nicky: Yeah.

Obviously with those eloquent story telling skills he’s going to grow up to be a novelist or a bard or something like that.

Current favorite food: popsicle. He’s had less than half a dozen ever in his life, but that doesn’t stop him from running to the freezer and demanding one every day as soon as we get home and then throwing a fit when I tell him we don’t have any more. Persistent.

One of Nicky’s favorite things these days is singing. Here are two of his favorite songs…one complete with a very complex dance routine:

[flickr video=6055210614]

[flickr video=6055105594]

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