East Coast Vacation

Well, if you’re wondering where we’ve been hiding, we just returned from a great vacation on the east coast.  We spent the first half of the week in the Washington D.C. area with family and the second half of the week in a little crabbing town on the Chesapeake Bay for a friend’s wedding.  I have to admit, after some of our recent vacations (Tahoe comes to mind) we were kind of dreading ever leaving the house again for a family vacation.  Despite a few days of adjustment with Nick refusing to eat or sleep, it was a very fun and even relaxing vacation. 

We had a blast visiting Nana and Grandad and Uncle Frank and Aunt Nancy.  The whole album is here, but these are some of the highlights:

Visiting the National Zoo with Nana and Grandad

IMG_5162 IMG_5159 

Celebrating Nana and Grandad’s anniversary (married 63 years…congrats!!) with CAKE!

IMG_6858   IMG_6874

A metro ride to the Natural History museum.  Nicky loved seeing all the bones and diligently said “hi” and “bye” to each of them, waving and blowing good bye kisses as he walked along. 

IMG_6907 IMG_6906  

Having to put up with a MacGyver-ed diaper when his brilliant mommy forgot to bring a diaper bag along to dinner.


Some other cute, random shots

IMG_6667 IMG_6701 IMG_6819 IMG_6859

More to come on the second half of our trip in Maryland…

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