Thad’s Visit

2011-05-15_08-21-32_455 Fun, fun weekend (pictures here).  Thad visited from New York and the big boys had lots of fun catching up, playing video games and running Bay to Breakers.  Sam beat his goal of finishing in under an hour (yay!) so we got to celebrate that in addition to celebrating Michael finishing school, Sam’s new job and Thad’s visit.   


IMG_5054Kellen and Nicky had a blast playing together all weekend long — the two of them were having lots of little conversations (either in English or some combination of Nicky language and English), giving each other high fives, and cracking each other up all weekend.  We took the boys to a tiny little local zoo where the highlight was the bobcat feeding.  Nicky was so excited to see the big kitties that he pressed himself as close as he could get to the cage and meowed at the top of his lungs and waved his little heart out trying to get their attention.  He seemed like such a big boy playing with his big friend Kellen and obviously thinks everything Kellen does is just about the coolest, funniest thing he’s ever seen in the whole world. 
Which brings me to Nicky’s first inside joke.  We have no idea what “doe be doe be doe” means, but apparently it’s hilarious.  According to Kellen “that’s from Nicky and I”:
[flickr video=5732806616]

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