New Developments

Nicky was begging for some water in a big boy cup (i.e. not a sippy cup) yesterday so I gave him a bit of water in a cup, and then promptly got distracted by a conversation with Sam and didn’t notice when Nick walked off.  A minute later, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Nick come back into the kitchen, grab a towel and leave again.  He came back a second later making his noise for “help” and when I went to see what he wanted I discovered all of the water spilled on the floor.  My big, big boy hadn’t uttered a peep when he spilled his water, he had just walked off to get a towel and started cleaning up his mess all by himself. 


Nicky has been picking up lots of new tricks lately and I find myself wondering where he’s learned these things?  I’m sure he’s learning them at daycare, but he still manages to surprise me.  Like when I was taking his picture yesterday and said, “Nicky, look at the camera”, and he turned to me with a big cheese ball grin on and said “cheee” (aka cheese).  Or when I asked him to point to the walrus tusks in his book, fulling expecting to create a teaching moment, but he beat me to it by immediately pointing to the tusks.   Or, the saddest of all, last week when he started puckering up to give us kisses.  Now I know I wouldn’t have taught him that because I loved his open mouthed slobbery baby kisses and I miss them now that he’s learned how to kiss like a big boy!


Nicky has had a language explosion in the past two weeks with about a dozen new words and lots of attempts to repeat words with varying degrees of success.  He tends to drop the second half of syllables so words like ball, bat, bath and bus kind of all sound the same, but in context it’s usually pretty obvious what he’s trying to say.  Today he had his first two word sentence: “hi daddy”.  Talking, here we come!

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