Family Fun Day

Oh my goodness, what a fun Saturday.  We woke up early (thanks, Nicky) and decided to go out and enjoy the warm weather.  We headed out to bagel breakfast and sat outside and where we ate muffins and watched birds ( BIRDS!).  That alone could have counted for a successful day in any toddler’s book, but we continued on to the park, meeting lots of doggies (DOGGIES!) on the way and then playing non-stop at the playground for an hour (including a few trips down the big boy slide, which is so fast and so scary for mommy to watch…I prefer the little one in the video below…nice and easy).  Then we moseyed back to the car through Starbucks, which was jam packed with more doggies.  Seriously, there’s almost no way to top that morning from Nicky’s point of view.  He was pooped and spent the next 3 and a half hours sleeping! 

[flickr video=5677438400]

Saturday afternoon we headed up to San Francisco to do some errands.  We brought a picnic lunch and found a nice spot on the beach at Chrissy Field under the Golden Gate Bridge to sit and eat and watch more doggies.  Nicky remains completely non-plussed by sand.  As soon as you put him down to walk in the sand he acts like his feet are glued to the ground.  No matter how much he wants to walk, he’s stuck there in what ever weird and uncomfortable position his feet landed in when they first touched the ground.  But he was completely happy to sit on daddy’s lap and eat his lunch and watch doggies. 

The highlight of the day might have been our trip to Sports Basement, where Nicky had a blast exploring all of the sports equipment.

[flickr video=5676947379]

We topped off the day with a dinner with the Antonsens to catch up on their crazy last two weeks.  Nicky was reasonably well behaved in the restaurant, which for a 17 month old means spending half of the time running around the restaurant with one or the other parent in tow, and the other half evenly split between creating a strobe effect in the restaurant by opening and closing the blinds, whining and squriming, and eating his food nicely.  Surprisingly, this felt like it was almost good.  It’s amazing what you can get used to.   

Needless to say, we were all zonked by the time we got home.  Nicky was asleep by 7:30, and I followed suit less than half an hour later.

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