Easter Eggs

IMG_5862 We decided to try our hand at dying Easter eggs yesterday.  Let me remind you that our little boy is only 17 months.  And he’s working off a week of being in the big kid room at school, where he only gets one nap a day and by now is totally exhausted and melt down prone.  The potential for disaster was pretty high.  But we covered every surface in plastic or newspaper and had a go at it.  And…it worked!  We survived.  The eggs survived.  They’re dyed.  The rug is not.  It’s a miracle!  Nicky really enjoyed putting the eggs into the dye cups and stirring them around.  He was pretty good at being gentle so there was minimal splashing and no cracked eggs.  Overall, a success.   And now the Easter Bunny has something to hide when he comes to visit our house.

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