Arizona Trip

We visited Arizona this weekend and got to visit Tucson and Phoenix.  In Tucson, the entire Williams family got together for the weekend – Annie drove up the hill, Emily drove down from Flagstaff and Uncle Nick flew in from the Middle East, braving a family vacation immediately after 5 days of traveling with many different stops in many different time zones (and bearing gifts of traditional Afgan clothing – check out the pic here).  It meant a lot to us that everyone was able to be there!  In Phoenix we got to see Aunt Jan, Uncle Gary, Nicky’s great grandma Dot and a surprise 45 minute overlap with Katie!  Despite the fickle April weather, Nicky coming down with a fever in Phoenix and his refusal to sleep or eat most of the trip, we had a great time.  Nicky got to see his first elephants and some giraffes right up close at the Tucson zoo, he visited another zoo in Phoenix where they had a monkey exhibit where you got to go into the exhibit with little squirrel monkeys, he did his first Easter egg hunt and generally had a fabulous time mucking around with all of the various relatives and doggies we visited.  We definitely needed to catch up on sleep by the end of the trip — Nicky kept us on our toes as usual!  We took a lot of pictures and videos – too many to show here, so the rest are here.

IMG_4960 IMG_4954 IMG_4956 IMG_4965 IMG_5514 IMG_5663 IMG_5516 IMG_5522

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