Happy Easter!

IMG_8221 We had a fantastic Easter. Nicky thoroughly enjoyed having Roger, Michelle and Todd over to play with…the more attention the better! During the easter egg hunt he had a virtual papparazzi following him around. At one point, the five adults had three cameras tracking his every move, and the photographic results are all here. So far, I think this has been Nicky’s favorite holiday (either that or just the first holiday he’s really been aware was happening at the time). He got a kick out of discovering all of the goodies in his easter basket and caught on to the easter egg hunt concept pretty quickly. I’m not sure whether he had more fun discovering the eggs or throwing them full force into his basket, but either way he sure was enjoying himself. Not to mention how much fun it is to have giant easter baskets lying around the house waiting to be turned into hats!
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Easter Eggs

IMG_5862 We decided to try our hand at dying Easter eggs yesterday.  Let me remind you that our little boy is only 17 months.  And he’s working off a week of being in the big kid room at school, where he only gets one nap a day and by now is totally exhausted and melt down prone.  The potential for disaster was pretty high.  But we covered every surface in plastic or newspaper and had a go at it.  And…it worked!  We survived.  The eggs survived.  They’re dyed.  The rug is not.  It’s a miracle!  Nicky really enjoyed putting the eggs into the dye cups and stirring them around.  He was pretty good at being gentle so there was minimal splashing and no cracked eggs.  Overall, a success.   And now the Easter Bunny has something to hide when he comes to visit our house.

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Goat Farm

Jenny introduced us to a great treasure this weekend.  We visited Harley’s Goat Farm, which is the cutest little goat farm in Pescadero that had something for everyone – baby goats for the kids to feed, a tractor to play on, and a little cheese shop where they sell their freshly made goat cheese (complete with tasty samples…delicious!).  Definitely a winner – we’ll have to visit again soon!  Cute pictures of the boys at play here.

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Arizona Trip

We visited Arizona this weekend and got to visit Tucson and Phoenix.  In Tucson, the entire Williams family got together for the weekend – Annie drove up the hill, Emily drove down from Flagstaff and Uncle Nick flew in from the Middle East, braving a family vacation immediately after 5 days of traveling with many different stops in many different time zones (and bearing gifts of traditional Afgan clothing – check out the pic here).  It meant a lot to us that everyone was able to be there!  In Phoenix we got to see Aunt Jan, Uncle Gary, Nicky’s great grandma Dot and a surprise 45 minute overlap with Katie!  Despite the fickle April weather, Nicky coming down with a fever in Phoenix and his refusal to sleep or eat most of the trip, we had a great time.  Nicky got to see his first elephants and some giraffes right up close at the Tucson zoo, he visited another zoo in Phoenix where they had a monkey exhibit where you got to go into the exhibit with little squirrel monkeys, he did his first Easter egg hunt and generally had a fabulous time mucking around with all of the various relatives and doggies we visited.  We definitely needed to catch up on sleep by the end of the trip — Nicky kept us on our toes as usual!  We took a lot of pictures and videos – too many to show here, so the rest are here.

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