Nick’s First Phone Conversation

IMG_5405Nicky had a first today.  I was talking to his daddy and Nicky was begging to hold the phone.  Usually he just holds it to his ear and then looks at it and then puts it back to his ear.  This time, I put it on speaker phone and he immediately walked away into the next room.  This is what I overheard:

Sam:     Hi Nicky.  Can you say hi?
Nicky:    Hi-ee.
Sam:     Are you having fun?
Nicky:    Eh.
Sam:     Is kitty there?
Nicky:    Eeow eeow eeow.
Sam:     Where’s your dinosaur?
Nicky:    Roar.
Sam:     What does a monkey say?
Nicky:    Ah ah ah.
Sam:     Good job.  I’m going to hang up and come inside now.  Bye bye.
Nicky:    Bye-ee bye-ee.

So cool!

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