15 Months

IMG_5114Who is this toddler living in my house, and what have you done with my baby?  How is it possible my little boy is growing up so fast?  Nicky is a massive bundle of energy now.  He can’t be contained within the house and would happily spend every waking second outside.  We spend every weekend bouncing from one fun activity to the next (pictures here), with just enough time for some naps (Nicky and me) in between.  I have such a huge respect for stay at home moms and dads – I think I would collapse from exhaustion after just a couple weeks at the pace that Nicky sets on the weekends. 

IMG_5101Nick is getting super verbal now.  He still only has three words (bye, hi, and no), but he’s making so many more noises that sound like talking.  He’s really good at following simple commands and even two step commands, which is really helpful when I want a hand picking up all the mess he’s made after meals.   He’s starting to play like a little boy – throwing balls, “driving” his toy cars around, and pretending his toy animals are out on a walk.  It’s so much fun to watch how he’s changing, but let’s just slow it down a bit.  It’s going so fast!

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