Lemos Farm

I know that in some parts of the country they haven’t seen the grass in months, but here in California it feels like spring is here to stay…maybe even summer.  Today is a beautiful 75 degrees with a light, warm breeze, and we took advantage of the good weather to head to our local petting zoo, Lemos Farm (pictures here).  To the adult eye, it may be a bit run down, but the kids seem to love it.  There were baby kittens and baby goats and we even got to see a goat being born (I couldn’t help feeling sorry for the poor mommy goat giving birth on display like that without even the joy of an epidural, but she made it through just fine).  We got to go on a train ride and Nicky even got to ride a pony.  You might have thought the pony ride would be a little bit scary, but Nick was just fine.  Now, the mechanical train (you know, the kind they used to have in the grocery store that cost a quarter to ride) was a different story…he totally freaked out after about 10 seconds.  Go figure. 

IMG_4862 IMG_4849 IMG_4854 IMG_4829

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