Nicky’s Rules Of Eating

  1. Three spoons are required for eating baby food.  One for each of Nicky’s hands and another for mommy/daddy to supplement. 
  2. Forks are preferred over any other utensil (including fingers).  Anything can be eaten with a fork: applesauce, peas, you name it.  It just takes a bit more perseverance. 
  3. Once an item is on a fork or spoon does not mean that it has to stay there.  It can be transferred to the mouth by hand if needed. 
  4. Mom and dad are NOT allowed to put fork food into Nick’s mouth.  He will do it himself, thank you. 
  5. Bigger is better.  Carrot spears are infinitely more preferable than cut up carrots.  Same goes for cheese sticks and any other number of foods.
  6. When eating something delicious, always say “yum” after every bite.
  7. And don’t forget, if you don’t like it, it belongs on the floor.  As far away from the high chair as possible. 

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