14 Months

IMG_4854 Wow…this month was hard (pictures here).  Nicky has learned the art of the temper tantrum!  I’m sure it’s an important step to growing up and becoming independent, but do we really have to go through all that?  I was hoping we could just skip straight to the end result…and now you tell me it just doesn’t work that way?  🙂

It wasn’t all bad though.  Nicky has started crawling into our laps whenever he can and has (finally) started giving us kisses.  In fact, as I’m writing this, Nicky climbed up onto the couch by himself (a first) and climbed right into my lap to start happily boucing like cowboy riding a balump-a-lump (aka horse).  We love our little cuddle bunny! 

He’s talking so much more and is making lots of noises that sound very close to actual words.  His first word was “bye-bye” and he says it with a cute little wave.  He still loves motorcycles, but has also added trucks, buses, and airplanes to the things he loves.  When he sees something particularly cool, like  a blimp, he shouts out something that sounds a lot like “Oh wow!”  I can’t wait to hear what else is going to come out of his mouth.

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