Happy Birthday Nicky!!

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                      Then…                                                  …and now

One year old…how did that happen so fast? And what a fun year it was! Nicky went from an adorable little cuddled up bundle to an adorable and active little toddler. It’s been so much fun watching him figure out how to control his body. I can’t believe that 12 months ago he couldn’t hold his head up and now he’s taking his first steps! Even more amazing is watching him learn about the world. How did he learn to wave when he hears “bye”? How did he figure out what a lion is? What a smart little cookie.

Some fun Nicky stats from this year:

  • 14 pounds gained
  • 12 inches taller
  • zero teeth
  • used 1838 diapers
  • used 3600 wipes
  • 1364 pictures posted (yep, that’s almost 4 a day…and that’s only the pictures that were good enough to post!)
  • approx. 1 million hugs and kisses from his mom and dad

Nicky, we loved our first year with you so much!

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  1. That Nick is one lucky guy to have such loving parents. And we’re all lucky that we get to see him making these amazing transformations day by day.

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