First Steps!

It’s official, Nicky has taken his first steps!  He’s been practicing with us and can usually pull off a few wobbly steps but sometimes manages two or three solid steps before ending up in our arms.  Either way, he always claps when he gets to us because he’s just so proud of himself.  This weekend he has suddenly gotten so much steadier and more confident.  Today when he thought I wasn’t looking he cruised along the hutch in the dining room then let go, turned around, stood for a few seconds, and took three perfect little steps to the dining room table.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Who gave him permission to grow up so fast??

[flickr video=5129655761]

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Eleven Months

IMG_4124Oh my goodness, only 30 days away from a year old (pictures here).  Can you believe it?  This little man is so much fun!  He’s busy getting ready to walk and spends lots of time cruising around the house with his little walker toy.  He loves getting chased by his daddy and crawling back and forth on the couch like a maniac.  He’s so curious about what things are called and points at things over and over to hear what they’re called.  Pretty soon he’s going to be walking and talking — I can’t believe it!

Stanford Football

Nicky’s first football game was a success (pictures here)!  We started the afternoon with a tailgate, where Nicky snagged a tasty snack of carne asada on a stick…our little carnivore was in heaven!   He was a huge fan of the game too — he loved watching all of the people, clapping for the players, and especially seeing the blimp.  He even pulled off a little nap towards the end of the game.  What a trooper!

IMG_4300 IMG_4309 IMG_4308 IMG_4313