Who needs a bookshelf anyway?  Everyone knows it’s much more fun to just throw the books on the ground!  Clearing out his bookshelf has been one of Nicky’s favorite activities in the last month.  Luckily, now he’s moved on from this strategy and just picks out a few favorites individually to be read one at a time.  Makes it much easier on mommy and daddy at clean up time!


10 Months Old Already!

IMG_3973 Nicky is 10 months old!  And what a lot of tricks he learned this month!  He waves and points and kisses books and people.  He pulls up and cruises and tries to walk.  He started eating finger food of just about everything and then he decided he didn’t want to eat anything at all – maybe he’s finally teething!  (at 10 months and zero teeth I guess we’ll believe that when we see it…)  We did lots of new fun things this month, including a trip to North Carolina, to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and to the Discovery Museum.  We all had so much fun!

Assisted Walking!

Nicky has only been vaguely interested in cruising so far, not suprisingly since he’s such a fast crawler he doesn’t want to bother with inching along the couch when he can just pop down and crawl like a lightning bolt to his next destination.  So you can imagine my surprise when Nicky picked up one of his little friend’s walker toys this weekend and immediatly started walking along with it!  What an athletic little squirt!

[flickr video=4988513935]

Monterey Bay Aquarium

IMG_4011 Grandma and GrandDoug came to visit this weekend (pictures here).  We had lots of fun all weekend, but the best activity by far was a trip to the aquarium.  We thought Nicky would tolerate it and spend the time checking out all the other people there to see fish.  We were not expecting that he would LOVE watching the fish himself!  He could spend half an hour in one spot staring at the fish swimming by and pointing at his favorites.  You know it’s getting really fun when he starts bouncing and banging on the glass.

 [flickr video=4980676646]