Nine Months Old

IMG_3468What a month (pictures here)!  This month was full of firsts.  Nicky has mastered crawling – he was stationary one day and then crawling from one end of the house to the other a few days later.  By now it’s hard to imagine that he’s only been crawling a few weeks — there’s almost nothing that will stop him and we have to keep a close eye on him all day long.  Hugo’s also keeping a close eye on Nicky, but surprisingly not out of fear…those two have hit it off amazingly and Hugo is super tolerant of any kind of petting Nicky gives him.  The cutest is when they crawl side by side with their heads together like they’re plotting some mischief.  IMG_3207

Among the other firsts: pulling up, finger food,  and (finally) practicing “ma-ma-ma” consonants (that last one has been one of my favorites!).  Nicky’s also started understanding a few words here and there, which is fun because we can finally start to communicate — even it’s only by getting the appropriate response when we say “wiggle”.  What a lot of things to learn!

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