Father’s Day

Nicky has been working on the best father’s day present for Sam.  This weekend he graduated from making “gggghhhhheeee” noises to saying consonants.  Of course the first one he tried was “deh-deh-deh”, which sounds a lot like “dad dad dad”, especially on father’s day weekend!

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Nicky is 7 Months!

IMG_0217Every month just keeps getting better (pictures here).   The big development this month is that Nicky is now sitting up.  Sitting changes everything – it’s so much more fun to play when you’re sitting up!   Tummy time is finally getting more tolerable as he starts to roll around a bit more.  He’s so curious about everything and is always squirming to go chase down whatever he’s looking at.  He loves watching us eat and trying his hand at big boy foods.  In addition to laughing, Nicky developed the famously adorable happy head wiggle this month, which we just love!   We always say “1, 2, 3…” right before we do anything fun, and Nicky now recognizes what’s coming and starts smiling like crazy once we get to “3” — what a smart cookie!  We’re so lucky to have such a happy boy! 


One of Nicky’s favorite new discoveries is flowing water.  He’s always trying to catch water as it pours into the bath or out of a cup.  On Friday night of this weekend we decided to show him some real waterfalls.  So on Saturday evening we drove to Yosemite.  Yes, it is a 4 hour drive…each way.  Yes, we did have to be back at work on Monday.  Yes, we are kind of crazy.  The great part is that we got to spend half a day in Yosemite and see the biggest waterfalls they’ve had for the last 30-40 years.  With the little man we decided not to go up some of the wetter trails but we still got drenched (pictures here). 

IMG_0241 IMG_0253 IMG_0255