Birthday Hike

Sam arranged an awesome hike (pictures here) for us this weekend as an early birthday present.  The Crystal Springs watershed winds through the hills west of 280, and is off limits to the general public, but Sam signed us up for a guided hike so we could go exploring.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful hike!  We found out half way through that children under 15 were usually discouraged from coming and that Nicky was likely the youngest person ever on the trail.  Nicky did so well that the guide took a picture of us on the trail for future public relations flyer encouraging families to hike the trail.  Six months old and Nicky is a model!
IMG_2887 IMG_2879

Squeaky Baby

Is there anything more pathetic than a baby who’s lost his voice?  Nicky has been so miserably sick this week and has been coughing so much that he lost his voice.  He cracks us up because he’s still trying to make his happy little squeals, but he can’t make any noise.  So far it hasn’t stopped him from trying!

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Nick’s 6 Month Birthday!!

Half a year old — wow!   We had some adventures this month: between starting daycare and working his way through two colds and one blistered diaper rash, Nick did not have an easy month.  That said, he didn’t let that stop him from having fun (pictures here).  He made lots of new friends at day care, went swimming, and has gotten very good at eating big boy food.  Our little munchkin is so close to sitting by himself and is getting better at tummy time but he’s still only rolled over from his tummy to his back once.  He constantly rolls from his back to his tummy in his sleep, which was a problem for a couple weeks because he would wake up and want to be rolled back over.  In the last week we had a breakthrough on the sleep front — Nicky gave us FOUR whole nights of uninterupted sleep.  Yay!!!  (then he got sick and woke up 10 times two nights in a row…I’m hoping that ends quickly!)

Official 6 month stats: Nicky weighs 19 pounds 3.5 ounces and is 29.5″ long!  That’s one tall boy!

IMG_2540 IMG_2598 IMG_2550 IMG_2561

Making Friends With Hugo

There has been a HUGE development at Chez Monty.  Hugo and Nicky are becoming friends.  The recipe for success has been that Hugo has been starved for any attention at all for almost 6 months to the point where he’s willing to accept even the most aggressive petting.  Nicky gets so excited to hang out with his little furry friend and loves patting (and grabbing) his soft fur.  So far Hugo has been very tolerant!

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Nicky is discovering balls and loves anything that rolls.  I sometimes feel like we’re playing fetch since I’m constantly chasing balls down after he’s dropped them, but he’ll be able to chase them around on his own soon enough. 

IMG_2621 IMG_2627

New Foods

So far, Nicky has tried rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and green beans.  He loves eating things like a big boy, and has some days at day care when he shuns his bottles (too babyish) in favor of solids (after all, that’s what the other cool kids are doing).  Anyway, he LOVES sweet potatoes, but thinks it’s more fun to play spit the food when he’s eating green beans.  You’d think we were feeding him slugs…

Sweet potatoes:

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Versus green beans:

IMG_2738 IMG_2740 IMG_2742 IMG_2758