Five Months

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 months!  Nicky is getting more and more active every month.  He’s able to squirm now so he’s never in the same spot that he was laid down in.  He can’t make it very far, but it’s a reminder that the days of him being fairly contained are coming to an end.  He started rolling from back to front this month, but he still hasn’t figured out front to back so whenever he rolls he ends up getting stuck.  His fine motor control is getting more and more advanced so that he can now grab pretty much anything you give him.  The other day I even caught him practicing taking his pacifier in and out all by himself!  He continues to pack on the pounds at 17 pounds 12 ounces.  For my last month at home, I went crazy with the camera and took about a million pictures…you know what they say about quality versus quantity…  Anyway, you can see them here.

IMG_2358 IMG_1905 IMG_1964 IMG_1953

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