Family Fun Day

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Since we all missed each other so much during our first week of daycare/work, we had our inaugural Family Fun Day on Saturday – no errands or chores allowed!  We went to not one, but TWO parks, went on an awesome hike, spent some time trolling around Burlingame, and ate oatmeal for the first time (well, at least one of us did).  It was a great day!

I posted a video of Nicky’s impressions of the hike below (sorry for the poor camera work!) — growling is Nicky’s new favorite noise…  kind of embarrassing when we’re out in public because everybody thinks he’s upset, but he’s just talking.  We think it’s pretty funny!

[flickr video=4541914939]

Five Months

It’s hard to believe it’s already been 5 months!  Nicky is getting more and more active every month.  He’s able to squirm now so he’s never in the same spot that he was laid down in.  He can’t make it very far, but it’s a reminder that the days of him being fairly contained are coming to an end.  He started rolling from back to front this month, but he still hasn’t figured out front to back so whenever he rolls he ends up getting stuck.  His fine motor control is getting more and more advanced so that he can now grab pretty much anything you give him.  The other day I even caught him practicing taking his pacifier in and out all by himself!  He continues to pack on the pounds at 17 pounds 12 ounces.  For my last month at home, I went crazy with the camera and took about a million pictures…you know what they say about quality versus quantity…  Anyway, you can see them here.

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The New Norm

IMG_1897 - Copy (2)The dynamic duo has been temporarily split up.  Nicky is at daycare and I’m home sitting on the couch eating chocolate and making my way through a box of Kleenex while I count down the hours until I can go pick him up.  I go back to work on Wednesday — good thing I have two days to get the water works under control! 

We were lucky to get to spend 5 whole months together non-stop.  And now we’ll spend less time together, but Nicky will get to expand his horizons with lots of new friends and experiences (not to mention a stronger immune system!).

Happy Baby

I keep trying to catch Nicky laughing on camera, but he’s been camera shy since before he was born and he always clams up when he sees the lens pointed at him.  True to form, he stopped laughing as soon as I grabbed the camera this time, but he was still having so much fun getting tickled!

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Safari Baby

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We took advantage of the beautiful sunny day to get our toes dirty and frolick in the backyard (pictures here).  Nicky had so much fun sitting in the yard picking at the grass and rubbing his feet in it.  He looks like a little bird searching for bugs. 

[flickr video=4503586049]


IMG_2011We had a very fun Easter celebration this weekend (pictures here).  We had our local real and urban families together at our house: Roger, Michelle, Todd, Julie, Michael, Shannon and Kellen all came over for brunch and an Easter egg hunt.  Shannon and Kellen had come over earlier in the weekend to help decorate eggs, and the Easter bunny stopped by during his busy rounds on Easter morning to hide them in the yard.  Despite the slight rain shower and melting easter egg dye, we had a blast watching Kellen run around finding eggs.  We had a tasty quiche, pecan rolls and LOTS of candy for brunch, and then spent some time catching up with Nanee, Grandad, Frank, Nancy and John with a webcam call.  It was a great time and we loved seeing everyone!!  Happy bunny day!

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