Grandma and Grandpa!

IMG_1840We had a great visit from grandpa and grandma this weekend (pictures here).  Great for Nick because he got to spend so much quality time with grandma and grandpa, but greater for me and Sam because we got to go to March Madness!!  Babysitting this weekend has been in the books since Nick was a zygote because we had to buy the tickets so far in advance.  I’m going to go right out there and say that these tickets were the best birthday present I’ve ever given Sam.  We got to see 6 first and second round games with plenty of upsets and buzzer beaters and spent 2 full days kid free!  It was odd walking around the stadium without a giant pregnant belly or a beautiful little boy…  I’ve gotten so used to people smiling at me that I forgot it was just because of the baby.  No one even looked at us the whole day!

We lucked out with great weather for the weekend, so we got to spend lots of time outside when we weren’t at the games.  We hiked up our the hill in our neighborhood nature preserve and went on a hike at Edgewood Park.  And then we topped off the weekend with a backyard hang and burgers with the Antonsens.  Perfect weekend!  Thanks for babysitting mom & dad!

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