First Ski Trip

IMG_0982We took Nick up to Tahoe for the first time this weekend (pictures here).  We all survived the 12 hour drive up in a storm, including a 1 hour stop on the pass with the car turned off and the road closed, and after a few hours sleep at the cabin we headed to the mountain.  We went to Northstar because they make it easier for families with their Parent Predicament passes and handy tow carts for all your gear — at least as easy as it can be with an army of 4 adults and 2 kids and all the gear that goes along with it. All 6 of us and our gear took a gondola up to the lodge at mid-mountain. Nick had about 1 sqare inch of space in his car seat on the floor of the gondola, but he didn’t complain. Needless to say, it took us a while to get up the mountain and get situated, so it was pretty late in the afternoon by the time we got out on the slopes and we each only got 4 or 5 runs in, but it was worth it! Nick was begging us to let him go skiing, but we decided to wait at least until he can stand on his own before we strap skis on him.  I really wanted to strap him into the front pack and ski down the easy run from the lodge to the bottom of the gondola at the end of the day (apparently this is how my dad took me skiing my first winter…) but we whoosed out in the end.  Next year…

Nick had such a good time hanging out in the lodge and at the cabin with his buddy, Kellen.  Kellen entertained us all in the evening with his silly toddler games, like swirling balls in a colinder and wearing pots and pans as helmets.  Despite the gruesome drive up, the rest of the trip was a blast.  We loved our weekend away with our extended friend family!

IMG_0989 IMG_1011

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