IMG_1089Nick and I took our first flight (alone!!) to Arizona (pictures here).  We spent a fabulous week there getting to meet great grandma Dot, great aunt Jan and great uncle Gary and getting to see grandma Car Car, grandpa Sam, grandma Cheryl and aunt Emily.  We had such a great trip.  On average, Nick did pretty well on the plane — the flight out was horrible but he was perfect on the flight back.  We learned lots of things about traveling together and by the next time we go somewhere with Sam, he’ll be so impressed with how easy we make it look.  Luckily, nice people appear everywhere to help you when you’re traveling alone, otherwise we never would have made it through security! 

Highlights of the trip were the stories that great grandma told Nick, the private concert from Aunt Jan, our afternoon with the Tucson clan, making bread, and playing games during nap time!  We managed to pick the coldest, wettest week to visit, so we didn’t get a chance to go swimming, which was a bummer since we were dying to dress Nick up in the adorable swim outfit that grandma Cheryl brought him…I guess we’ll have to do that now that we’re back in sunny California.

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  1. Nick looks so grown-up sitting between you and Grandmother carcar …..Carla is a grandmother? I can’t believe that. Don’t you think it is bad manners to beat a great grandmother at Banangrams?

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