Sleepy Bear

Nick loves snuggling with Benny the Bear when he sleeps, and – against all the rules – we let him.  I can see that we’re going to have a hard time separating these two in the years to come.

[flickr video=4343953647]

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Bear”

  1. Nothing wrong with riding his love for teddy for all it’s worth. Now that second blanket might be against the ‘rules’ but we had Jack sleep on his belly so take my advice with a grain of salt.

    More Sam/Nicky and Cara/Nicky videos please!

  2. Ah yes, the ever present Nuk. Nicky’s Dad, Sam, used to flip out when his Nuk went missing, and there was always a mad scramble to find it, including an emergency drive to the pharmacy to buy a new one. Happy to see that Nicky is hanging on to his!

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