IMG_1533Today seemed to be going really well earlier.  Sunny weather.  Happy baby.  Productive mom. 

And then my sleeping beauty woke up from his nap after only 45 minutes.  Again…  This has become his new thing.  I am extra vigilant to watch for tired signs and put him down after being awake 1.5-2 hours.  He goes down easily, lately without even needing to be re-pacified and is asleep within minutes, which should be a sign that we’re hitting the perfect state of sleepiness to begin the nap.  The conditions are perfect for sleeping: he sleeps in his crib, has black out curtains, and a nice sound machine on.  There are two closed doors between him and any household noise.  He has a clean diaper and has been fed. 

He sleeps super soundly for 45 minutes precisely, then wakes with a squawk.  In the morning he still looks sleepy but isn’t too cranky.  In the afternoon he’s been having massive fits (totally unlike him).  When he’s freaking out nothing can console him – swaddling, jiggling, shushing, swinging, pacifying, walking, etc.  Today I finally resorted to bringing the stroller in the house and spending 45 minutes rocking him back and forth in the hallway, which finally calmed him.  Now he is a happy little bee making bbbrrrooooom noises and staring at his mobile. 

I’ve found a lot of literature on trouble with overtired babies who won’t go down for their naps, but none at all for overtired babies who wake up too early from their naps.  Any advice from those of you who have been in the trenches???

One thought on “Help!”

  1. I love checking out the pics and seeing how much the little guy is growing. Kody is growing way too fast too. I don’t know if you have a face book account/page/whatever:) but ang has some cute pics of the kids on her page. Nick is so cute!!! I love having the kids live so close, don’t know how your mom does it.(not see him and you everyday)
    hugs and kisses, auntie deb

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