Nick’s Second Month

Nicky’s second month was bittersweet.  We were devastated that Nana Arlene passed away this month.  I wish that Nicky could have had the joy of knowing Arlene, could have grown up with her as a role model, and could have heard and learned from all the stories she had to tell.  She will be missed so much.  Having Nicky here was so helpful for his dad and me – there’s nothing like a baby to help you focus on the positives in life. 
Luckily, our little flirt started smiling this month, which is the very best and is so good for lifting the spirits.  He’s also started adding happy cooing noises to his range of vocalizations which always makes us laugh.  These days he’s fascinated by anything to do with music, whether it’s his mobile or his boucy chair or one of us singing.  His absolute favorite is for us to sing along with the music from his toys while dancing…that always gets a smile out of him.  He also loves it when his daddy tickles him.  He can’t laugh yet, but his whole face lights up every time.  This month he’s also decided that snuggling is for babies and crawling is for big boys.  He’s eager to be a big boy so he’s not wasting any time snuggling.  Whenever I burp him he tries to make his getaway by crawling up my chest and over the back of the couch, operative word being “tries”.  I still haven’t had the heart to tell him that he has to wait a few more months before he’s mobile.  Assisted standing and sitting are also favorites, but tummy time is absolute torture, probably because he can’t get anywhere yet. 
Nick’s other favorite activity is growing…our little monster ended the month at a whopping 14 pounds 11 ounces and 25 inches!  We know where he gets his height from (thanks daddy!) but we still haven’t agreed on where he got his fat genes from…  He’s also earning our undying love by being a sleeping super star.  It’s not unusual for him to sleep 6 hours during the night, but he’s spoiled us once or twice with 8 and 9 hour stretches too.  What a good boy!
IMG_1175 IMG_1231

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