Bodily Functions

IMG_0839  The things they never tell you…
1. Every thing you own will get puke on it.
2. Baby poo can go out the side of a diaper, through a thick flannel baby outfit, through daddy’s jeans and onto his leg.
3. You will be psyched when your baby cowboy blows a huge booger on your shirt at 2 in the morning — “Wow did you see the size of that thing?  What a big boy!”.
4. When he decides to pee mid-diaper change, you don’t hesitate to block it with your hand just so he doesn’t pee in his mouth.
Ahh, the joys of being a parent…

One thought on “Bodily Functions”

  1. I can’t get over how fast our little Nickie is growing. What a happy lucky little guy he is to have so many people loving him and what a joy he was to all of us during this sad time. Nanee

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