Welcome to samandcara.com.  We’ve created this website to share news from our growing family with all of our favorite people, near and far.  As you probably already know, we’re expecing a baby boy this Thanksgiving.  I’m sure this site will get much more exciting once he arrives.  Until then, we’ll practice our blogging skills so we’re ready to go on day 1.  Hope you enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. You guys are the best and I love your website. I look forward to seeing all the milestones of smallfrye on your new website via your new camera.

    How do you plan to document video and does your camera have built in image stabilization? I have a dslr right now and am looking for a high quality video camera to fill in the motion picture gap.

  2. I loved these pics. When you were trying to get him to clap I almost clapped to show him how to do it……I am glad I was alone . But when he did clap, I clapped for him. He claps elegantly.

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