Hugo’s Last Stand

Hugo is enjoying his last few months of being our fuzzy baby.  Pretty soon he’ll just be the animal that we feed…I don’t think he knows what’s coming.  Maybe he’ll start being nicer to the neighbors and their pets once he stops getting so spoiled at home. 

PS – thanks mom and dad for the awesome stroller!!


The New Yorker

We had a great visit from Thad this weekend.  The boys had lots of quality guy time shooting shot guns and watching UFC, but we managed to squeeze in some family fun too.  Luckily, the weather cooperated so we could have a Sunday afternoon BBQ and test out Sam’s fancy new camera – more photos here

Next time hopefully Sara and Jack will come too! 


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Welcome to  We’ve created this website to share news from our growing family with all of our favorite people, near and far.  As you probably already know, we’re expecing a baby boy this Thanksgiving.  I’m sure this site will get much more exciting once he arrives.  Until then, we’ll practice our blogging skills so we’re ready to go on day 1.  Hope you enjoy!